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Ever since I was young, weddings have been fascinating me. After my husband proposed to me, in beautiful Paris, I had no doubt about planning our own wedding. As I have Italian roots and spent almost every holiday in Italy the choice of our destination was already made: Bella Italia, dolce vita and a lot of gelato.

Our Story

Every business starts with its own story. Mine started on February 2nd 2002 when the Dutch King W. Alexander married his wife Maxima who's now the Queen of the Netherlands. Since that day my little brother had no free Sunday morning anymore. Every Sunday I would wake him up with a fake veil in one hand and his tiny suit from his first school day in the other. 'Brother, can we please play the wedding of Maxima and Alexander?' 

The first real wedding I had ever been to was when I was 10 and it was in Italy. Following the bride in every step she made, fascinated by the beautiful dress. But it wouldn't take long until I saw the various venues where that wedding took place. Every singel location was so beautifully decorated and everything was well planned. And I turned to my mum asking her who made it look so beautiful. She explained to me that there is one person called a 'wedding planner' and that she was responsible for making sure everything was perfect on the wedding. From food to decorations to transport and so on. 'So that's what she does for a living?' I asked my mum, and she answered 'Yes, it is her job'. From that moment on it was clear to me that I wanted to do exactly what the lady did... Plan weddings.

When my husband asked me to marry him, I took the opportunity to start my own wedding planning business starting with our own destination wedding . I already had some experience in organizing events as I planned a few during my studies and with my creativity I had the perfect backpack to do it by myself. We had the most beautiful day of our live with our loved ones. 
I hope to do the same for you soon. 


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